Love Thy Body? Take Care Of It By Eating Healthy

Love Thy Body? Take Care Of It By Eating Healthy

For living a great life in the modern world, you need a combination of several good components. What are those? You need to ask yourself. Almost all of the world’s population would list some very familiar things at the very top of their list. Money, a family, a home and peace of mind are only some of them.

For you to achieve all of those, first you need to have your health. As the saying goes, ‘if you have your health, you have everything’.

Need For Maintaining A Sound Body

A healthy body is a very important part of a person’s life. Timely attention and care for your overall health prevents a lot of ill effects from happening. Here are some areas that you should mind all the time.

  • Weight: Your weight is related to your physical appearance. A fit body inspires confidence in you.
  • Stress: This is more dependent on your physical health than you would care to acknowledge.
  • Disease: Avoiding or reducing the risk of chronic diseases is a difficult task that most people fail at.
  • Injuries: Increasing your stamina will save you from much harm.

To Acquire A Fit Body

By now even little children know of the steps that an individual has to take to attain a fit state of health. It is simple enough if you have determination and perseverance. The key is to get to know your body and then devise a perfect plan. All those plans should always have the right balance of diet and exercise. I cannot stress enough the importance of exercise. Some of us lack the energy we need to exercise every morning, so if that is the case with you, consider making a pre workout powder part of your regime.

The Effect Of A Wrong Diet

The emphasis on the importance of a balanced and healthy diet is not overplayed all over the world. Young people often find it cumbersome to accept the fact that they have to eat good food and find the time to get some exercise.

Obesity affects many a people of the world. Wrong eating habits combined with a sedentary lifestyle is one of the major issues in developed countries. The effect of following a perpetually ‘unhealthy diet’, however, delicious it may seem at the moment, is always experienced by everyone after they cross the age of 35.

Weight management often becomes the main problem as you grow older. You will then experience the common problems of hypertension and body aches come into the picture, followed by other chronic illnesses.

Why Follow A Healthy Diet?

The overall well-being of any person is directly connected to the food he or she eats. Then is it not important to imperative watch what you eat? Most of the people would do it for the outer looks.
But there are many more important reasons for you to follow a good meal plan.

  • Nutritious meals improve your day-to-day efficiency. Energy generation in your body is related to metabolism and metabolism depends on the food you eat.
  • You get to sleep better if you eat healthily.
  • You will get an immunity boost if you stick to a wholesome food plan.
  • Studies show that a fit person is likely to recover faster from an injury than an unfit person.
  • Mental health also improves once you start taking care of your diet.

Components Of A Healthy Meal Plan

Proteins and carbohydrates need to be in balanced quantities for you to benefit from a diet plan. Counting calories are necessary if you want to lose that extra weight. All the nutrients including fats and salts are needed for a nutritious meal.

For Your Vitals

Heart diseases are at an all-time high in the modern society. Many factors cause one’s vital organs to deteriorate. But a healthy diet is most significant in sustaining a healthy heart and other parts.

What To Avoid?

The modern way of life has us eating out of boxes. The processed foods from the factories are not for everyday consumption. Very few people care enough to prepare food from scratch and use natural ingredients. Vegetables and fruits are the healthiest of them all.

But the health factor is lost when you use canned or preserved stuff instead or fresh ones. Overuse of salts in foods is a very bad thing. The sodas and sugary juices form a big part of what’s wrong with today’s dietary habits.

Take A Step Towards Realizing Your Goal

Persistence is the key to successfully pulling off a diet. Now you need to know that following a diet to reduce weight is not enough. The change has to be applied in your lifestyle. Ordering a pizza everyday is not fine. You will someday regret having eaten processed foods to save time.

You might have been planning for a long time. Now is the time to start doing what you are supposed to do. Stop making excuses to avoid exercising. Eating junk is worse than just giving up. Nothing will make you feel better than seeing the results of your hard work.

10 Super foods To Lose Weight Naturally

10 Super foods To Lose Weight Naturally

In this age where junk food is the order of the day, bring in subtle changes into your diet to stay fit. Here we tell you about ten super foods to shed all that extra flab.

For the workaholic and the couch lover, losing weight is still like a far-fetched dream. The idea of shedding extra pounds comes as a beautiful nightmare to many because of several commitments attached to it.

  • Your schedule is too busy to take time out for workouts.
  • Laziness is your ruling star sign and won’t let you exercise.
  • You worship junk food and sugary treats.

Benefits Of Losing Weight

weight loss benefits

Losing weight has more pros than cons.

  • A slim body is an added asset to the beautiful you!
  • Losing weight reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart strokes.
  • It ensures longevity in life.

Whether Cardio and Crunches still sound dreadful to you or not, here is a list of 10 super foods to lose weight naturally:

Green Tea

green tea

This miraculous beverage with a high concentration of catechins works wonders for weight loss. Green tea is known to prevent the accumulation of body fat. Drink your green tea with a drop of lemon or a sprig of peppermint to tingle your taste buds.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider

ACV is an appetite suppressor and also affects the secretion of insulin. Thus, it prevents the storage of fat in the body ensuring rapid weight loss. Apple cider vinegar has an acquired taste, and one may take time to get used to it. Try consuming it in diluted form and incorporating it in other meals.


red chilies

Classic hot favorites like jalapeños and cayenne when included in the diet increase body temperature. A higher body temperature speeds up metabolism ensuring that food is digested early.


Meat Raw

The best way to get rid of fat in the body is to build muscle. A high protein diet is necessary to ensure maximum muscle build. Lean meat like chicken and lean beef is packed with protein and can go a long way in our quest against calories.

High Fiber Diet

high fiber diet

Doing away with carbohydrates completely is a big NO-NO. Replacing processed grains like polished rice and wheat flour with healthier options such as whole wheat grain, buckwheat, and multi-grain decreases the calorie count and assists weight loss.

Leafy Greens

leafy green

Dark leafy greens are rich in calcium. According to research a diet rich in calcium helps to burn fats faster by aiding metabolism. Greens leafy vegetables such as watercress, spinach, kale, lettuce, can become your trusted friends.

Fat Free Yogurt

fat free yogurt

Yogurt is full of calcium and probiotics that protect your gut and also help to shed belly fat. Fat in the tummy produces cortisol, a hormone that increases the storage of belly fat. Calcium diminishes the secretion of cortisol to a great extent, thus making it easier to lose the flab.



Legumes are also another food group packed with proteins. A specialty in this group would be the Black Beans. Black beans are a storehouse of proteins and contain no saturated fats. That means it gives you almost zero calories after consumption!

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits

Rich in vitamins and omega-3 dry fruits like almonds and walnuts are a good snack. Nibble onto them every now and then to always be full of energy.


Drinking Water

We are 70% water. Keep that level up by drinking up gallons of water every day. Water regulates digestion and keeps our system clean. Eat fruits and vegetables that are water based like tomatoes, melons, and cucumbers and so on to work your way towards the flat belly.

Habits To Avoid

  • Do away with alcohol and cigarettes: Alcohol is a hub of cholesterol and can be very harmful.
  • Strengthen your willpower and say NO to junk food. Try healthier alternatives like sweet potato fries and whole wheat bread burgers if you are tempted.
  • Sugar is a sure shot way to gain unnecessary calories. Replace it with better sweeteners like honey.

Mix And Match

Keep the dos and don’ts about weight loss in mind and mix and match these ten no fail super foods to shed all the extra flab. Here are some recipes that you could experiment with:

  • Fat-free Yogurt and whole grain oats with blueberries, apples and honey.
  • Kale and chicken stew with brown rice.
  • A salad of lettuce, legumes, bean sprouts, tomatoes and walnuts with a dressing of olive oil and sesame seeds.
  • Buckwheat chapattis with spicy black beans.

Things To Keep In Mind

Although the prospect of losing weight with these Super food items is tempting, depending on them solely might not be a wise decision.

Avoiding certain habits that have been mentioned earlier may also be beneficial.

Starting to exercise gradually will prove to be very helpful to reach your targeted weight.

Running On The Treadmill The Correct Way

Running On The Treadmill The Correct Way

Exercising and feeling healthy can have a lot of side effects as well. So really need to be careful when you take those steps towards feeling good.

Running has always been one of the major ways we exercise, but with the lack of space and time, it has become quite difficult. But we do have the treadmills, which help us make up for that.

But how do we run on it so as to be able to take the best of it? Here’s how.

Warm Up Before You Start

warm up exercise

It is very important to warm before you begin.

When your body is prepared for some good amount of run it will react to it in a more competitive way and will last longer on the mill.

So warming up for 5 minutes before you start running will help you prepare your body for more workout.

Be In A Comfortable Skin

workout clothes

Getting into something comfortable is something that helps keep your body happy even while it is stressed.

Wear a material that your sweaty body doesn’t mind. And putting on something that lets you see and observe your body is very helpful too.

After all, we all deserve to know the output of our work. And it will make feel good too, to see yourself making improvements on the treadmill.

Food And Treadmill

light breakfast

Having a light breakfast before getting on to the treadmill is not necessary, but surely eat something that gives enough energy to sustain through your rigorous workout.

You can also have some protein drinks while you are at it, keeping your supply of energy constant.

Go for juices to refresh and replenish yourself. Keep your energy level high and your body working. That’s a crucial thing when you are running.

Jog With Your Body, Not Your Head


Some people change the speed of their jogging while on the mill as compared to that on the actual jogging track. They might have their reasons, but this should not be done.

You should run on the treadmill just as you run on the tracks. Keep your actual pace, going heel first, just as you would on the jogging track.

This keeps your pace balanced and gives you just as much fat burn as actual jogging would give. Any deviation from that and you will find the treadmill not to be working right for you.

Don’t Hold The Handrails; You Are On A Treadmill, Not A Roller Coaster

hand free treadmill running

While you are on the treadmill, leave the handrails alone. Holding them causes you to hunch down, resulting in a speed slow down.

Hence, if you have to get the best benefits of the treadmill, just leave the handrails, get your back straight, position yourself the way you should while running and get the best out of your treadmill.

When On It, Believe It’s A Part Of Your Exercise Regime

Some people, while running on the treadmill keep their pace slow, as if they are in the relax mode.

It is okay to rest when you need to, but when you are exercising it should feel like that. Know that you are on the treadmill because you need to burn fat, not because you are passing the time.

So motivate yourself to do just that.

Don’t Step Off While Running

try different speeds

If you are still running on the mill, and you suddenly stop, it might not only break your exercise pattern but might also injure you. So just simply refrain from it.

If you need to step off, lower down the speed, slowly and then stop. It will help your body calm and prepare you for the stop.

Try Different Speeds, Starting With The Slowest First

Do not run at the same speed the entire time.

  • Vary your speed from slow to fast, as fast as you can go that is.
  • This helps your body to set into a rhythm and feel the exercise to be a pleasure, not pressure.
  • When your body tunes in with the speed it works accordingly and hence will support you if you want to run a bit faster.
  • So increase the speed when you feel your body has caught up and challenge it for more, not beyond its capacity, though.

Cooling Down After The Run

cool down

Cooling down after the run is a very important requirement of your body. It needs to feel relaxed after you have exercised so that it can relieve itself of the acids that might have accumulated and get oxygen back for proper functioning.

This can be very important because without cooling down your body, running for a long time or running too hard can cause adverse effects on it.

So let it cool down for at least 5 minutes before you get back onto your grinding schedule.

What is the best outfit to wear during workouts?

What is the best outfit to wear during workouts?

There are many people who want to look good while they exercise. But your workout clothes should be more about comfort and fit than about fashion.

You can choose to wear synthetic fiber outfit so that your skin can breathe and keeps sweat away from your body. Your body will feel cool. Polyester, spandex and Lycra are good options. If you don’t sweat a lot then you can choose to wear cotton. Cottons are good for lighter workouts like stretching and walking. It is not good for intense aerobic exercises as it will cling to your body.

Choose outfit of a good brand which has specific workout technology. You can choose brands like Nike and Dri-Fit.

You must pay attention to the fit of the cloth. It depends on your choice entirely. You may like wearing loose fit clothes or fitted one. You should layer up your clothes during winter.

You should buy clothes that you like. Buy clothes that are fashionable and looks good on you. This will motivate you to do exercise regularly.

You must wear comfortable shoes. You should be able to walk or jump around freely without feeling any pain on your legs.

Your bottom must be comfortable. You can wear long bottoms or shorts whichever you prefer.

In summary, your outfit must make you feel good. You must feel comfortable with your body. So, wear a comfortable outfit during workouts.

5 health and fitness blogs you should follow

5 health and fitness blogs you should follow

Reading fitness blogs is a good habit. You will be able to know about the latest things in the fitness world. You will learn about the new exercise routines, new diet recipes, supplements, etc. Here are five health and fitness blogs that you must follow.

Femme Fitale Fit Club


Here you will find new workout DVDs, Youtube videos and product reviews. The reviews and suggestions you will get here are honest and very helpful. You must follow this blog.

Confessions of a Mother Runner


You can read about fitness class reviews, new gears you should try, fitness and health tips, etc. There are lots of giveaways too. So you should be tuned to this blog all the time to win the wonderful gifts.

Reach Your Peak


This blog is written by a certified personal trainer. She is now training up people for the Chicago Marathon. The workouts shown in this blog are simply awesome. The workouts are short but challenging. You can print out a workout log to help you maintain a routine. The workouts are posted in form of writing and video, so it’s very easy to follow.

Keep It Real Clean


The writer is very passionate about living a healthy life and you can tell that easily from her writings. You will find a lot of practical tips on how to have a balanced life. There are healthy recipes, advices on balancing workouts, wellness and travel.

Jill Conyers


This blog covers everything; from fitness and recipes to mental health. You will find great meal plans for your dinner. The blog is research based and so is very authentic.

Each of these blogs has something different to offer. They view health and fitness from various angles. By reading these blogs, you will have a better understanding about your health and overall well being.

5 reasons why you need health supplements to lose weight

5 reasons why you need health supplements to lose weight

Many supplements, like Garcinia Cambogia, are good for weight loss. Supplements have useful vitamins and other nutritious elements that cover your deficiencies and make you healthy. Here are some reasons why supplements are good for losing weight.

#1 Reduces fat

Supplements slow down the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. This prevents fat storage. Thus, no excess fat is stored in your body. So, you can easily get into shape. You will not put on that extra weight anymore.

#2 Reduces appetite

Supplements reduce appetite and cravings for sugar and thus promote weight loss. Supplements can increase the level of serotonin in the body which is a chemical in the brain that acts as a neurotransmitter. When people are depressed, they tend to eat more. The increase in serotonin levels helps make you feel better. So, you don’t crave for food anymore.

#3 Increases metabolism

Supplements help in increasing metabolism of the body. The body uses more energy and you can get rid of the extra fat.

#4 Reduces blood cholesterol

Supplements stop fat production and storage. So, the amount of lipids present in the blood stream is also less. This reduces cholesterol production. So, you can have a healthy heart and a healthy life.

#5 Improves immune function

Supplements help the body to respond better to diseases. Vitamins in the supplements reduce the duration of sickness and so make you well in a few days.

Supplements are good for your overall health. It has been used by people for a long time now and they have benefited from it. So, supplements can result in some wonderful health benefits.